Epigenetic and Nedley Panel Instructions

Epigenetic Panel and the Nedley Panel Test Information

You must go to a LabCorp to have these tests done. Find the closest LabCorp at https://www.labcorp.com/ .

After Dr. Nedley has ordered your tests, this order will be in LabCorp’s computer system and should be accessible to the employees at any LabCorp location.

Just because the test is on your physician recommendations does not mean that the test has been ordered.

Please read all information given and if you are willing to cover the cost of the labs, call Nedley Clinic at 530-422-7920 and let the office know that you are ready to get your blood drawn. If your labs are not covered by your insurance, you will need to provide payment information to Nedley Clinic at this point. Please make sure that your lab order is sent in and that Nedley Clinic provides you with your lab order information. 

Please follow the instructions below on how to complete the test: 

  1. The Comprehensive Nedley Panel is a fasting blood test. Do not eat or drink anything except water for 10-12 hours before your blood is drawn. Stay well hydrated. Water hydrates your veins and makes them easier to find.  If you think fasting might be a problem, having your blood drawn early in the morning may help.
    • (Note:) If Dr. Nedley has ordered ONLY the Epigenetic Panel for you, then you will NOT need to fast before getting the lab draw done.
  2. It is not necessary to schedule an appointment with LabCorp to have your blood drawn since they accept patients on a walk-in basis. However, you may schedule an appointment with LabCorp by calling the office of the specific location you will be going to. You might call LabCorp to make sure they have Dr. Nedley’s orders before you make the trip to their office.
  3. Bring your ID and if need be, your insurance card to the LabCorp office.
  4. The first time you take this test, stop all supplements or vitamins for at least 3 days to one week prior to your blood draw.
  5. If getting your blood drawn for a repeat evaluation, do not stop any supplements or vitamins.
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