Methylation Panel Instructions

Doctor’s Data Methylation Panel Instructions

Thank you for your interest in The Doctor’s Data Methylation Panel Testing. If interested in more information about what this test measures you may visit

Please follow the instructions below for guidance on how to complete the test.

  1. Fill out the test requisition form completely and sign it. Please be sure to write your date of birth on the requisition form. The test cannot be performed without a properly filled out requisition.
  2. The first time that you take this test, a 10-12 hour fast from food and supplements is required. If is the second time you take this test, please call Nedley Clinic about to see if you need to fast or not.
  3. Find a collection center
    • Gather the contact information of the nearest hospitals and urgent cares near you.
    • Provide Nedley Clinic with the contact information you had gathered. Our office will call the hospital or urgent care to determine which locations can do your blood draw.
  4. Prior to getting your blood drawn
    • Place the gel ice brick into a freezer until frozen solid (this will take about 6 hours).
    • Bring the frozen ice brick with you to the hospital or urgent care center.
    • Provide the instructions sent in the Doctor’s Data Methylation Specimen Kit that you received in the mail to the phlebotomist. This includes instructions regarding collection and shipment.
  5. After sample collection (please ignore this section if the hospital or urgent care will ship the specimen out for you)
    • Make sure that your name, the collection date, and your date of birth are written on the specimen vial.
    • Place the specimen vial into the zip-lock bag provided in the kit and place the bag into a freezer until ready to ship
    • When ready to ship, place the frozen ice brick into the bottom of the Styrofoam insulating container, and then place the zip-lock bag containing the specimen vial on top of the ice brick. Close the shell and place into the cardboard shipping box. The specimen is now ready to be shipped.
  6. Shipment Instructions
    • For best results, Doctor’s Data recommends shipping specimens as soon as possible. If you cannot ship the specimen on the same day you finish the collection, such as over a weekend or holiday, store the specimen in a freezer until you are ready to ship.
    • Please refer to the US FedEx Shipping Instructions provided in the kit you received for guidance on how to complete the shipping process.

This test is not covered by insurance. After calling Nedley Clinic (530-422-7920) and paying for the test, our office will have the specimen collection kit sent to you in the mail.

Please contact us at 530-422-7920 or with any questions. We are very happy to assist you.

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