Urine Elements Test

Doctor’s Data Urine Elements Test Instructions

  • Prior to collecting your urine
    • Discontinue taking non-essential medications and dietary supplements 48 hours prior to and during specimen collection. Never discontinue prescription medications without first consulting your physician.
    • Omit fish and shellfish from your diet for one week prior to collecting the urine specimen. If you have had MRI containing Gadolinium-based media administered to you, you should not collect the urine specimen for at least 96 hours after that MRI. If you are a female, you should not collect urine during a menstrual period. 
    • Fasting from food is NOT required for this test

Once you have received the specimen collection kit in the mail, please follow the instructions below.

  • Collection Instructions
    • Collect your first morning void (urination) into the specimen collection cup.
    • Pour the urine into the specimen vial, filling the vial up to the top of the label. Screw the cap on securely.
    • Write your name, date of collection, and your date of birth on the specimen vial. The test cannot be performed without that information on the vial.
    • Place the vial into the zip-lock bag, then place the bag into the cardboard shipping box.
    • Fill out the test requisition form completely and sign it. Please be sure to write your date of birth on the requisition form. The test cannot be performed without a properly filled out requisition.  In the collection information section of the requisition form (located in the upper right hand corner) fill in the following:
      • Date you finished the collected
      • Your height and weight
      • Check the box marked random and fill in the time of day you collected your sample
      • Do not mark anything in the section that asks whether the sample is part of a provocative challenge. Your sample is neither pre or post provocation.
    • Place the completed requisition form in the cardboard shipping box. The specimen is now ready for shipment.
  • Shipment Instructions
    • For best results, Doctor’s Data recommends shipping specimens as soon as possible. If you cannot ship the specimen on the same day you finish the collection, such as over a weekend or holiday, refrigerate the specimen until you are ready to ship the test collection kit.
    • Please refer to the US FedEx Shipping Instructions provided in the kit you received for guidance on how to complete the shipping process.

This test is not covered by insurance. After calling Nedley Clinic (530-422-7920) and paying for the test, our office will have the specimen collection kit sent to you in the mail.

Please contact Nedley Clinic at 530-422-7920 or nurse@drnedley.com with any questions. We are very happy to assist you.

Reference: This information was adapted from The Doctor’s Data Inc. Urine Elements Instruction Sheet

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