Urine Epigenetic Testing


This is a specialized frozen urine test. 


Insurance companies do not cover the cost of this test.


Please call Nedley Clinic when you are ready to take the test.  After payment, Nedley Clinic will order the test for you.  If you will be doing this test at home, the company, DHA Laboratory, will send you the test kit, complete with easy to understand, step-by-step instructions after your payment to Nedley Clinic is made.  It is important to read all instructions before taking the test as timing is very important.

If you are able to come to Nedley Clinic, you may also schedule a time with Nedley Clinic to complete this test.

Test Considerations

You do not need to fast for this test.

First Test: If this is your first time taking this test, supplements containing vitamins or minerals should be stopped 12-24 hours prior to your urine collection. 

Repeat Test: However, if Dr. Nedley has recommended supplements and this is a repeat test, he will want to see the results with the supplements in place, so do not stop taking them. 

Antibiotics may interfere with the accuracy of this test. If you are taking antibiotics, you must discuss this with Dr. Nedley.

Do not go off any prescription medications unless advised by Dr. Nedley. 

Specimen Collection

Do not collect the first morning urine specimen. The second morning urine collection is preferred, but not absolutely required.

Collection at Nedley Clinic: Plan to come early enough in the morning to collect the sample. Our office will process this sample and you can go home immediately. 

Collection at home: Once the kit is delivered to your home, you will find that it has simple yet detailed instructions. Read all instructions provided from the company before you take your sample.

What to expect in your home kit instructions

  1. First fill out the paper first that asks for basic information like your name, the collection date, and information on supplements you are taking.
  2. There are two tubes in your kit. Follow the instructions on what to write on what tube.
  3. Collect the urine sample at the appropriate time with the cup provided. Pour the specimen into the labeled tubes.
  4. Place the tubes in the bag provided and freeze the tubes. 
  5. At the time you put the tubes into the freezer, you will also freeze one of the ice packs provided.  
  6. Once the urine and ice pack are completely frozen, place them in the bottom part of the styrofoam box provided with the ice pack on the bottom.  Then place the unfrozen ice pack on top of the frozen tubes which are on top of the frozen ice pack and place all of this back into the freezer. 
  7. Once everything is completely frozen and you’re ready to take this to FedEx, place the lid on the styrofoam box, secure the rubber band around the box, fold the completed form under the rubber band and place all of this in the provided FedEx bag. 
  8. Double check that everything is in your FedEx bag before sealing it.
  9. Take to the FedEx office or to the FedEx Express drop off.
  10. IMPORTANT – Urine epigenetic specimens can be shipped to the laboratory on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Please do not ship your specimen on a Thursday, Friday, or over the weekend.
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